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to helping developing countries to take action, through the transfer of funds, and the right kind of technology. but what we are seeing here in doha are many developed countries leaving the kyoto protocol, and joining the united states, who had left some time ago, and the remaining members in the kyoto protocol are putting forward emission reduction figures that are too low -- something like 20% for europe, which they have already achieved. so the system we started with in bali, five years ago, that developed countries would cut emissions by 5% to 20%, a similar effort under the convention. >> the u.s. did not sign onto the kyoto protocol? >> under bush, they agreed they would do similar to would be to recall program -- joke part of all members would do -- tkyoto protocol but never signed on. now each country puts forward whenever it can do, and that will not be challenged. this is not based on science. as a result we have very low emissions coming from developed countries, which means they are showing a bad example to developing countries who would want to do more, but seeing tha
. >> as president, bows new action on gun control, we look at the end violence from newtown, connecticut to the streets of chicago, were nearly 500 people have been murdered this year. we will speak with goldie taylor. both her dad and brother were murdered. for years he owned a gun. on monday, she give it up. rhonda lee has been fired for defending her short, natural hairstyle on facebook. to the bribery aisle. how walmart got its way in mexico. >> and mexico, and a lever to tell a bribery and one of the world's largest corporations -- walmart. >> an ever imagined i was opposing such a super power. >> in april, the new york times revealed how wal-mart's leaders hushed up evidence of widespread bribery by the largest foreign subsidiary. now the times examines the relentless campaign of bribes behind wal-mart's most controversial store in mexico, in the data supermarket built in the shadow of a revered cultural landmark, the ancient pyramids of teotihuacÁn. >> one in five walmart stores are in mexico. walmart is mexico's largest private employer. we will speak with pulitzer prize winning
problem that will require a complex solution. no single piece of legislation, no single action will fully address the problem. >> in the aftermath of the newtown massacre, a number of pro-and lawmakers are signaling a new willingness to soften opposition to restrictions on weapons. senator joe manchin of west virginia, a longtime advocate of so-called gun rights, said when it comes to gun control, "everything should be on the table." virginia senator mark warner said he would back a stricter rules, calling the massacre a game changer. senate majority leader harry reid said the massacre will prompt tictac meaningful conversation and thoughtful debate about how to change laws and culture that allow violence to grow." in a statement, democratic congress member of kentucky apologized for being "largely silent on the issue of gun violence," adding "i am not sorry for that as i am for what happened to the families who lost so much." at a news conference, new york mayor and gun control advocate michael bloomberg urged meaningful action from washington. >> gun violence is a national epidemic a na
.org, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. president obama has vowed to take action against gun violence in the united states following the shooting rampage that left 27 people dead, including 20 young children, in newtown, connecticut. all of the children are aged 6 and 7. the gunman, 20-year-old adam lanza, shot his mother dead at their home before driving to the sandy hook elementary school and forcing his way inside. armed with high-powered rifle, two handguns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, lanza shot up to first grade classrooms before taking his own life as police arrived at the scene. lanza still had hundreds of additional rounds of ammo and another weapon in his car, suggesting he would carry out more shootings had the police not closed again. 12 of the victims were girls, eight were boys. all six of the adult victims were women. the school victims all appeared to have suffered multiple gunshot wounds. connecticut's chief medical examiner, dr. wayne carver, called the crime scene the worst he had ever witnessed. >> i have been at this for a third of a century, and my sensi
cannot wait that long. >> the climate system simply cannot wait for action until after 2020. in doha, we have the opportunity to raise barr for negotiations. those without kyoto targets, developed and developing countries, must implement their changes responsibly. those who have not pledged anything yet should do so. new partnerships of those willing to accelerate beyond their pledges should be encouraged and tracked. >> we are joined by two guests at the qatar national convention center where they say 10,000 people have gathered over the past few days. i have to say, it seems so much smaller than the summit's over the last few years. durban is where kumi naidoo is from, executive director of greenpeace international. samantha smith is also with us, leader of the world wildlife fund global climate and energy initiative. kumi naidoo, the two of you held a news conference, along with a few others, which got some attention. you are calling on u.s. climate negotiators to step down. why? >> when president obama made his election victory speech, he broke his silence on climate change, what it
to prompt action at the state level. michigan republican governor rick snyder veto the measure allowing firearms into schools and other gun-free zones. yet another new multiple shooting in the united states, for people are dead in colorado's weld county after murder-suicide. the shooter killed three adult victims before turning the gun on themselves. colorado governor has called for strengthening our arms checks in his day to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. we will have more on that control of the newtown massacre with a democratic congressmember carolyn mccarthy after the headlines. capitol hill, lawmakers have dropped a provision that a ban the indefinite to detention of u.s. citizens from the national defense authorization act, or ndaa. the senate approved an amendment that would prevent the military from imprisoning any u.s. citizen or permanent residents deemed a terrorism suspect without charge or trial. but according to the new york times, congressional negotiators have dropped the provision in the effort to merge the bill's house and senate versions. the swiss ba
the photographers of the civil war, whose equipment made action scenes impossible, homer preferred static group formations, and yet the feeling of directness in recording the ordinary lends to his work a special force. prisoners from the front, with its profound sense of the resignation, exhaustion, and human cost of war, evoked the admiration of both critics and the public and brought homer his first recognition as an artist. paris, december 1866. homer arrived for an extended visit and to see prisoners from the front and another of his civil war paintings that had been selected for showing at the universal exposition. enjoying the celrity an artist whose work was well-received, he made the trip profitle drawing parisian scenes for harper's. homer must have been intrigued by the changes underway in french art and by what he saw in the galleries. with friends, he made several excursions into the countryside near paris, where he developed an eye for the light that would soon appear in his own paintings. after 11 months, he was ready to return to america. he had gone to france as an illustrator,
, walmart, is expanded to 28 stores in 12 states. organizers describe the action as the first retail workers' strike in walmart's history. >> i work in the warehouse in illinois. the conditions are terrible. a lot of safety issues, broken equipment that was not getting repaired. they would push us to work at a rate that makes it even more unsafe. we finally just had enough. we started to organize, we started a petition, just asking for basic rights. manager refused to take it, so that was the final straw. that was it and we walked out that day. >> from denver, colorado, this is a democracy now! special broadcast, expanding the debate. >> what i am most concerned about is having a serious discussion about what we need to do to keep the country growing and restore security for hard- working americans. that is what people will be listening for, that is the debate you desert. >> my record is out there, proud of it. if people want someone who understands how the economy works, having worked in the economy, i am the best person to post up against barack obama. >> these two parties have a strangleh
line -- save one life, we have to take action. >> the national rifle association is expected to break its silence following the killings today with a news conference by ceo. the pro-gun group issued a statement earlier this week promising "meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again." the nra's facebook page went dark and activity was suspended on its twitter account last friday following the shooting. amidst the growing national conversation on gun control and mental illness, an analysis has found millions of and to help records remain missing from the national database used by gun dealers to run background checks on buyers the group mayors against illegal guns found 19 states have provided fewer than 100 mental-health records each to the database. house speaker john boehner has failed to gather enough support from his own party to pass the purported plan be aimed at forcing concessions from president obama over the so- called fiscal cliff. his plan would have extended bush-era tax cuts for virtually everyone, except those earning $1 million a year or more. th
action yourself before the child does. this is critical. [roaring] woman: stevie, chairs are to sit on. i'm sitting. [roaring] sit down. you're going to fall. sit down. [roaring] hendrick: of course, in the real world, children don't always stop hitting, grabbing, or throwing just because we tell them to stop or redirect them. so what do we do when, no matter what we say or what we do, a child simply refuses to listen or obey, and the situation is threatening to get out of control? here are 6 steps i've always found helpful, and i would follow them in this order, if possible. number 1: warn the child. number 2: remove the child. number 3: discuss feelings and rules. number 4: involve him in the decision as to when he should return. number 5: help him return and be more successful. and number 6: if the child repeats a behavior, remove him again and insist that he choose another place to play. these 6 steps are so important, let's talk about what each of them really means. [roaring] woman: that monster needs to go or you need to leave the room. warn the child and redirect him if he will acc
by the action of a mano on its surface. over here is what looks like a partly processed mano. which was not carried all they way down to the completion of the work. it's much too big and too massive. here's one that's just like it, except that it's fully manufactured. it's down to the level that it can be used. and if you'll look at it, you can see that all of the surface is roughed. it has not been ground against the surface of a metate yet. and so we have this interesting situation in both of these groups out there at petapilla where half the metates we found were unused. the other half were metates that they probably have made themselves but then they used in their ordinary household activities. keach: so sanders has found his metate makers, but what can they tell him about the economy of the ancient people ? on the spectrum from simple to complex, where might their system fall ? he still does not know the answers to a number of important questions. how were metates made, and who distributed them ? could these people have earned a living making metates ? no matter how much inform
the verb, in maya writing, they always give you the name of the person involved in the action. so the house dedication ceremony was performed by an individual whose name appears here. his name is read "makchanal." after that, dave stuart deciphered this glyph to be a parentage statement saying that makchanal was the son of a woman named lady ahau kin. after the mother's name, then they tell you that he was the successor of a man named kukhowil. thereafter they give you some more of the titles of our friend makchanal, all the way to this glyph right here. this was recently read by david stuart as "ah k'ul," which means "courtier." so what that tells us is that makchanal was a member of the royal court of king yax pac, labelled by this glyph and by the copan emblem or city glyph back here. david's decipherment was of crucial interest to us as archaeologists, because although we were able to predict which sites were the residences of the elite members of copan society, we couldn't know what their role was in the larger scheme of things. keach: other courtier glyphs have been found at copan. th
to be free of unreasonable search and seizure, the demand that any action taken to get information about people should be subject to a warrant, that it not be subject to just any fbi agent determining this is information they want on that person. this is bad news. >> congressmember kucinich, not just what do you say to your natural opponents, the republicans in congress, but to our allies, a democratic congress members who you almost , and many of these cases from drones to fisa, a pose as much as the republicans? what message you have for them as you leave congress? >> we have seen a bridge created between democrats and republicans on the issue of liberty and being free from the all seeing eye of big brother. congressman paul together and i -- and i were together on many of these issues of surveiling the american people. it no longer is a democrat or republican issue. it goes much deeper than that. in a way, these debates we're having right now in washington show the limitations of our two- party system. the two-party system itself is failing the american people, that there really are n
with private port security officers and anchorage, alaska in advance of the west coast port action. that document has the private port security person saying they were going with -- attending a planning meeting with the demonstrators and reporting back to the fbi. the fbi said it would put them in touch with someone from the anchorage police department, that that person should take the police department officer with them as well. these documents show the intense coordination both a private businesses, with wall street and banks, and with state police departments and local police departments around the country. >> we will take a break and then goes specifically to several of the documents you got under the freedom of information act. we are talking to mara verheyden-hilliard who is the executive director of the partnership for civil justice fund, which got the documents under the freedom of information act and has been trying to get them for the past years. we will be back in a moment. ♪ [music break] >> "i'm tired, i'm tired, i'm tired" by marva whitney. marva whitney, as we turn
, because by and large, that's where most of the action occurs. it is very, very important, particularly for people in the united states and other relatively wealthy countries to understand that this is one small boat. and we may be in the more affluent part of the boat, but we're still in the same boat, and it's in our interest to help everybody understand their health and deal with their health problems, especially the infectious disease problems. the importance of international awareness and coopation even extends to our food supply. one of the things that's happened over the last couple of decades is the significant globalization of our food supply. you know, if you go to basically any nice restaurant in the country and have a several course meal, you could probably count up the number of continents that the various foods on your plate may have come from. the distribution of pathogens that might occur in... peru, or that may occur in... costa rica, is significantly different than might occur in california or in michigan. and so we have to be aware that there are potentially different
and tectonic action cracked the lakebed and tilted it up so that what you're seeing all the way through here is these tilted rocks. >> and there's a specific angle to these rocks. >> about 17, 17 1/2 degrees throughout the park. >> why 17 degrees? >> nobody knows for sure. it just happens to be the angle that everything broke off at and slid back. >> so that's a 17-degree angle and there are 17-degree angles all through the park. >> throughout the park. >> there are red rocks in this park, but look over here, that's not red. oh, look. that's modern history. >> coming right out of edward's air force base. >> the old and the new. >> yeah, that's it. >> now, let's look over here, at this. this isn't red. this is pink. >> okay, that's pink and that's from a pyroclastic volcanic explosion that happened many million years ago. and material blew out just like mount st. helens and-- >> so it's a huge, huge explosion. >> massive explosion and all this material flowed in here and then it settled down and solidified, and it's pink because it was a very foamy material, a very foamy air-filled material.
have the controls every single action and decision they make, which relieves the grassroots people out of the decision making process. for traditional indigenous governments in canada, the grass-roots people are the real decision makers. they have been kept in the dark of what is going on. what we tried to do for this movement is come up withteach- ins, information that helped power the grassroots to let them know what is the threat against them and take action against it, regardless of what is happening at the political level. >> pamela palmater, kenny said little about what's sparked these protests? what was the budget bill being considered? >> it is 14 people -- pieces of legislation. some of the earlier protests were on a specific bill that made an immense 2 tons of pieces of legislations. the two critical pieces for us at that time were the changes to the unilateral changes to the indian act which would allow the easy surrender of our reserve land, the changes to the waters act which does not jt in back first nations people, but canadians and americans between canada and the u.s.,
have to, um, verbally as well as in your actions. and you have to be a creative person in that sense if you're going to be able to work with others and communicate with others. and i think it's just a valuable experience for them. hendrick: how can we help the children in our care develop their ability to talk, think, and express their ideas to the fullest? and not only that, how do we encourage them to listen to other people? teacher: is that a train track? the pigs are playing with his toys. would you be upset if some pigs came in your room and were playing with your toys? do you think they would break them? what do you think would happen if you had pigs in your room? i would kick them out. you would kick them out? hendrick: we have 4 simple goals in this program: to understand and appreciate the relationship of speech and language to the thought process; to learn new ways we can help foster the development of language and thought in our children; to understand and appreciate the value of language differences among the children in our care; to learn how to foster emergent literacy
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)